2019 Timetable & Map

Saturday 4th May 2019 – our 61st Show


9:00am Yearling Sired by a Premium Stallion (Premium Ring)
9:00am Sec C (Ring 3) N.B. no break for lunch
9:00am Sec D (Ring 3) N.B. break or lunch after class 35
9:30am Sec A (Ring 1) N.B. no break for lunch
9:30am Premium Stallions (Premium Ring)
10:00am Sec B (Ring 2)
Ridden classes will take place in Ring 3 (not before 1 o’clock)
Classes 38 & 40 will commence at the same time, followed by
Classes 39 & 41 which may run at the same time depending on entries in classes 34 & 36.
Champion Yearling, Filly & Gelding will be judged after the 4 sections have completed judging them.
Supreme Youngstock Champion will take place before the Supreme In-Hand Champion.