2020 Welcome – Croeso

2020 Judges

Judges for Saturday 2 May 2020 at the Royal Welsh Showground

President & Championships Judge: Mr W.G. Jones (NEBO)
Premium A – Mrs P. Lloyd (GLEINANT) + TBC
Section A – Miss R. Wilson (BOOTHSIDE)
Section B – Mrs K.E. Cheetham (CARREWOOD)
Section C – Mr E.R. Davies (RHYD-DDU)
Section D – Mr W.G. Higgins

W.P.B.R. – Mrs C.A. Bodily (GLEBEDALE)

Ridden Sections A & B – Mr E.G. Prosser (MINTFIELD, TROSOLWG)
Ridden Sections C & D – Mr R, Marks

Closing date

Wednesday 25 March 2020 (no late entries will be accepted)

2019 show cups

Please return all show cups won in 2019 to Mrs J Kirk (07817 512613) prior to the show.

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